The GDPR Countdown Is On

GDPR 25th May 2018

As everyone is no doubt aware, the new General Data Protection Regulations come into effect on the 25th of May 2018.

So, where are you in your compliance journey?

For many people, the mere mention of “GDPR” is enough to incite confusion, panic, and even fear.

Some small businesses have been burying their head in the sand, pretending the GDPR wasn’t happening, or crossing their fingers and hoping it wouldn’t apply to them (spoiler alert, if you are a small business, the chances are high that it will apply to you), while others have been putting it off because their business, and their customers (understandably) have taken priority.

The GDPR has two key principles – increased transparency and increased accountability. As a small business, this may mean you need to carry out a data mapping exercise, update your Policies and Procedures, ensure Data Processor Contracts are in place (where necessary), and cleanse your marketing database, among other things depending on the needs of your organisation.

This can seem like a lot of work, especially for small business owners who are short of time, and who don’t know where to start, which is where our GDPR Compliance Packs could be exactly what you are looking for.

The GDPR shouldn’t be seen as something to fear – it is designed to give individuals greater control over their Personal Data, and can be used by small businesses as an opportunity to refresh their processes, increase customer trust, and streamline communications so you are only communicating with customers and prospects who are genuinely interested in your products and services. 

Take the stress out of the GDPR, and Contact Us for more information on our GDPR Compliance Packs.

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