Top 50 Uses: Banner Display Stands

Pull-up banner display stands are hugely popular as portable exhibition and promotional stands because they are cost-effective and visually attention-grabbing.

Easy to set-up, store and maintain (personal set-up record is less than 60 seconds!), the graphics can be changed and updated as necessary. To get your creative juices flowing here’s the top 50 uses for a very popular stand, and I’ve even added in one or two… less conventional ideas…

Exhibitions and Conferences

  1. Place in areas of high footfall as directional signs to important areas, features or exhibitions.
  2. Provide “teaser information” to the audience about seminars, sessions and future events.
  3. Use as a public notice sign to display information such as the location of toilets, emergency exits and evacuation points.
  4. Display the day’s itinerary, information or programme of events.
  5. Present speaker information to highlight key speakers or keynote addresses.
  6. Create awareness of conference sponsors and organisations in attendance by displaying branding on/off the main stage.
  7. Display a welcome message to delegates/attendees.

Boost Sales

  1. Increase brand awareness by displaying your company’s logo, products, services and contact details.
  2. Highlight the Unique Selling Points of your products or services.
  3. Promote competitions, prize draws, offers and free giveaways.
  4. Use as a meeting backdrop to display key notes and bullet points.
  5. Grab attention by displaying larger than life product images.

Corporate Displays

  1. Foyer/reception welcome signage, welcome your visitors with the wow factor.
  2. Shout about your recent successes, accolades, awards and achievements.
  3. In-house event signage – direct people to an in-house event or seminar.
  4. Use as a graphics screen to hide unattractive facades or areas of your reception and offices.
  5. Promote your message with a portable corporate display that can be used anywhere in your building.
  6. Releasing a new product or service? Use as a training tool in staff rooms to remind employees of the key selling features.

Within Showrooms

  1. Indicate key sections of the showroom with a showroom planner and area indicators.
  2. Create awareness of the main brands available with price comparisons.
  3. Use as a screen wall to section off areas of your showroom or make more wall space.
  4. Create a colourful company or individual profiler to provide crucial information.

Shop Displays

  1. Use in shop windows as a fully portable and ever-changing window display.
  2. In-store promotion of special offers, discounts and sales.
  3. Point of sale stand: use at the end of aisles, beside pop-up counters and near till areas as a reminder for last-minute purchases.

Shopping Centres

  1. Inform your shoppers with a shopping centre floor plan and opening hours.
  2. Create excitement with a new store opening banner.
  3. Create a buzz about up and coming centre events and indoor markets.
  4. Attract visitors to free standing units, pop-up shops and markets.
  5. Highlight food court offerings and entice with restaurant menus, pictures and prices.

Restaurants and Eateries

  1. Attract customers with attention grabbing menu boards.
  2. In-queue promotions – display your offers and deals to customers while they wait.
  3. Dish of the Day – we all like to know what’s for lunch so show off your Daily Specials and Chef’s Choice.

Sports Events

  1. Use as directional signage for toilets, ticket purchase, labelled seating areas, exits and drink/food stands.
  2. Promote team and event sponsors in areas with high footfall.
  3. Advertise future sporting events and display team position in league tables.


  1. Media backdrop – link banners together to create a seamless banner display.
  2. Promote brands and products at launches and press events.
  3. Advertise celebrity appearances and book signings.
  4. Include a QR Code for instant access to websites, contact details, video clips, reviews, images and emails.

Or if you want to be different…

*Please note I do not approve or recommend a pull-up banner display stand is used for the following suggestions and cannot be held responsible for damage or injury resulting from inappropriate use.

  1. Use as sports equipment – a hang-glider, surf board or a sail on a handmade boat.
  2. Create a jumbo tape measure.
  3. Take to the beach and use as a windbreaker.
  4. Make a lasting impression with a huge business card.
  5. Customise and use as door and window blinds.
  6. Lay it out straight and strut your stuff on a mobile catwalk or runway.
  7. Bring it in your bag and use it as a room divider to create a temporary changing room when all the others are full.
  8. Cut the top off your car and use to make a brand new convertible.
  9. Bored waiting on the train? Pull-up a makeshift projection screen and hold your projector in one hand while eating pop-corn with the other.
  10. And finally, you could use a pull-up roller banner display stand as a contemporary rowing machine, exercise on the go!

*Blog originally written by Inspired Business Solutions for Image courtesy of

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