Design Studio Gets A Makeover

Anita Brown Design Studio

As often happens with websites, there comes a time when it can begin to feel stagnant and a refresh is in order, which is exactly what Anita Brown [Design Studio] requested.

In this particular case, the owner of the website had become proficient in the use of the WordPress Content Management System, and was able to update the website, and add additional sections, without any assistance. However, when it came to changing the layout and design of the entire site, she hit a few bumps in the road (entire sections disappeared and we received a rather panicked phone-call late at night…) and she needed a little help to put the content back together.

The lesson learned here is to make sure you are confident when making significant changes to your website to ensure that your content is secure! This niche website has really taken off; it currently has over 42k views and over 400 comments, and it now has a regular following.

The imagery of this refreshed website are entirely the owner’s own, we merely prevented Anita’s heart palpitations by ensuring all elements of her website weren’t “lost”, and spent a little time restructuring the content.

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