Anita Brown [Design Studio] Take 1

Anita Brown Design Studio Screenshot

Anita Brown Design Studio Screenshot

Talented Interior Design student, Anita Brown, decided it was time to get on-line – while working towards completing her degree she wanted an on-line platform that she could use to showcase her designs, concepts, and 3D visuals. Using Facebook simply wasn’t cutting it.

The initial concept for the website remained true until the end – it had to be “clean”, easy to navigate, and the imagery had to do most of the talking. Although it would primarily be used as a blog, the website had to allow for further functionality and customisation.

The importance of simple navigation cannot be stressed enough when it comes to designing a user-friendly website,. The most important links should preferably be at the top of the page, or in a sidebar, and though it may seem like an obvious suggestion, there should always be a link back to the homepage.

Generally, most websites should be designed “above the fold” (a traditional term originally used by press advertisers), which essentially means that the most important information, main imagery, and content you feel is most valued by your target audience and which will grab their attention, should be viewed immediately without having to scroll down the page. This is where the use of a slide-reel came into its own.

The layout and structure of a website will depend on its final purpose, for example, if it is for e-commerce, information only, to generate discussion, etc… In this case, after usability, the most important feature of this website was to allow for interactivity among users. To promote this, a simple contact form was included in the design, as well as comment areas on each page, and the integration of social media (which Google loves), as well as the opportunity to “follow” the blog to receive email notifications for new posts.

The website is fully responsive, which means that if it is viewed on different screen sizes, such as a smart phone or tablet, it will adapt to best-fit the size of the screen. A very useful feature in the current market of mobile technology.

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