Catherine’s Beauty Boutique

Catherine's Beauty Boutique

Catherine's Beauty Boutique

2013 was a big year for local Beauty Therapist, Catherine Hughes, who decided to go it alone and set up a new business with assistance from the Princes’ Trust. As part of her business development programme for Catherine’s Beauty Boutique, she decided it was time to gain more exposure for the Salon and go on-line with the help of Inspired Business Solutions.

Catherine wanted a brochure-style website that could be used by her clients to:

  • View the range of products and services available at the Salon
  • Provide potential clients with more detailed information on specific treatments
  • Promote Special Offers and Discounts
  • Act as a go-to Price List
  • Contact her directly regarding treatments and appointment availability

It was important to ensure the site used clean and simple navigation so that current clients, and potential clients, could easily browse the wide variety of treatments available, and the Special Offers had to be a key feature as they are often a strong selling point to attract new customers.

Catherine already had quite a strong sense of brand in promotional literature, so this was incorporated into the look and feel of the website with the use of a textured background and use of the Salon’s colours. Treatment specific imagery is used throughout the site, as well as photographs of the actual Salon – clients often personally associate with the style of a Salon, and it can be an important factor in the decision making process. It was also important that the website linked to the company’s Facebook page, as this is the medium through which Catherine would receive the most referrals and appointment bookings.

Catherine has limited experience working with websites and associated software, so she has chosen to have seasonal offers and new product information updated by Inspired Business Solutions, when required.

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