The Moonwalking Shetland

Viral advertising has to be one of the most difficult to get right. It is still a relatively new form of advertising and when creating an ad concept for a viral, you have to wonder if occasionally agencies just take a guess, not knowing if it will sink or swim. MPC have definitely created a winner with a moonwalking Shetland named Socks…

Silly Stuff. It Matters

Mobile network, Three, have released an integrated advertising campaign that stars a moonwalking Shetland pony named Socks. The TV ad created by MPC has become an instant hit featuring the slogan, “Silly stuff. It matters”. The ad was filmed by award-winning filmmaker Dougal Wilson, who is most well-known for his tear-jerking John Lewis ads. The campaign has been supported with social media sharing and the ability for fans to create their own dancing pony video through a web-based app hosted on YouTube, the Pony Mixer. This advert is Genius! The original advert has currently racked up over four and a half million views on YouTube and the mobile network say they plan to release user-generated dancing pony videos as follow-up television ads.

For those of you who have yet to witness the brilliance that is Socks the Shetland rocking out –

3 thoughts on “The Moonwalking Shetland

    1. purplepr says:

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment! I think we both agree that it is a smart and effective advert, which love it or loathe it, has got people talking about a network which was previously struggling in the market. I do think the ad has a point though, if a subtle one. I know I go against the status quo when I say this, but to me the Cadbury Gorilla didn’t have a point. Granted it was incredibly effective and has been talked about since, I just didn’t like it much! I noticed you mentioned the Meerkats at the end of your post, what do you think about the company’s plans to phase them out??


  1. adstonishing says:

    The point is the silly stuff – my thoughts are that a dancing pony has no relation to a mobile phone network.
    And I agree with the Cadbury’s Gorilla, not much point but great advertising.

    Meerkat’s wise I think they are smart to do so. They came in at the same time the Go Compare adverts did and personally I relate them under the “irritating” adverts. They have been amazing for the brand but now the name is known they should be building the brand for it’s services and less on a cute animal. My point was to illustrate that the Pony advert could very likely become as big as the Meerkat’s results in a series of Pony adverts.


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