Top TV Ads of 2012

There are so many advertising mediums businesses can use to communicate with their audience, particularly since the dawn of the digital era. While television advertising is by no means suitable for all organisations, it is one of my favourite forms of advertising as it can be so smart, entertaining, and even nostalgic – we know it is officially the Christmas season when the “holidays are coming”, a nation has fallen in love with a Russian meerkat in a dressing gown, and Go Compare actively responded to their market research (and thrilled their audience) by killing off their highly annoying, but previously effective, moustached opera singer. As the year draws to a close various obligatory Top Ten lists are being created, so I bring you my top ten television adverts of 2012:

1. Thinkbox

Every Home Needs A Harvey does not need an introduction. TV advertising at its best.

2. Compare the Market

Aleksandr and Sergei have been entertaining us for over three years in Compare the Market ads – spin-off merchandise including cuddly toys, t-shirts, and even an autobiography soon followed. Personally, I was very disappointed to read that the company are planning to phase out the characters as of Summer 2013 to “freshen up” their brand with comedian Robert Webb. Reports indicate that the meerkat adverts are still highly effective, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Simples.

3. Cartier

Cartier’s advert released in March 2012 took almost 2 years to complete from start to finish, with stunning cutting-edge effects the 3.31 minute running time makes it a cinematic-ode to advertising genius.

4. John Lewis

I’m cheating a little with this one – John Lewis have become known for creating beautiful and emotive adverts, which always make great use of music. While the advert above is one of my favourites from 2012, my favourite John Lewis ad is the one below, which featured Fyfe Dangerfield’s song “Always a Woman”.

5. EE

Created by the advertising Gods that are Saatchi and Saatchi, the first EE advert featuring Hollywood star Kevin Bacon is still my favourite from the series. Smart, fast-paced, funny and importantly for a new network provider – informative, the advert and its series has continued into 2013.

6. Go Compare

A company that are truly in-touch with what their audience want. When the Go Compare opera singer first hit our screens there was no denying he was as funny as his lyrics were catchy, but it didn’t take long before we wanted to hit him. Finally, when he became infuriating, the company listened and rather than just cutting the ads, they milked it and gave the viewers what they wanted! Well played Go Compare, well played.

7. Oreo

Surprisingly, this advert received controversial criticism from community forums on mumsnet. In context, the lines are witty and clever, and a cute kid with fantastic facial expressions, as well as comedic timing, makes for advertising gold.

8. Cravendale

As freaky as it was funny, the Cravendale #catswiththumbs advert sparked many conversations in workplaces, pubs and corner shops up and down the country. Some thought that the campaign lacked originality, but then I argue that nothing is truly original, instead just a smarter remix.

9. Durex

Often a taboo industry when it comes to advertising and a notoriously difficult product to market, especially through mainstream media, when I first saw this advert I thought it was intriguing, quite humorous and best of all it really makes its point, in possibly the most non-offensive manner ever. Clever.

10. Birds Eye

Birds Eye advertising has always been rather catchy, from the 1970s frozen peas advert “sweet as the moment when the pod went pop” to the 1980s potato waffle catchphrase “waffley versatile”. In 2012, Birds Eye brought us the Birds Eye Polar Bear voiced by Willem Defoe. He is either hit or miss with many people, there is no grey area when it comes to Polar Bear appreciation. I love him.

And here’s two of my all-time favourites, just for kicks!

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