Eye Catching Leaflets

Leaflets have many uses but one of the most popular is a door-to-door leaflet drop. When creating leaflets your designer will work to ensure they are eye-catching, the message is clear, and that the call to action is obvious. So, here are my top tips for an eye-catching, attention-grabbing leaflet!

1. Visual Impact

A picture says a thousand words; people often think they should fill their leaflets with lots of information and as many words as possible. Don’t. Instead use good quality images that interest, excite, intrigue, and showcase the unique features of your product, service, or event.

2. Best Foot Forward

The pick-up-ability factor; whether it’s colour, imagery or a stylish font, the front design, especially the top third, needs to jump off the page.

3. Less is More

Use clear, concise text so that readers can quickly understand who you are, what you are about and what you are offering. Whet their appetite rather than telling them the whole story.

4. Production Value

The quality of your print reflects the quality of your business; a poorly produced leaflet might deter people from using your products or services, perhaps even degrading the image of your brand and negatively affecting your business reputation.

5. Size Matters

Consider how readers use leaflets – the most popular leaflets are A5, full colour, and double-sided. There is a small price difference between single-sided and double-sided leaflets, you should use all of the space to sell your brand.

6. The Basics

Remember to include the essential information; directions to your premises if you are off the beaten track, you could include a sat nav reference or map. If your prices are great, shout about them! Include details of any deals, offers or promotions you are running. Always include contact details such as a phone number, email address, opening times and even a contact name.

7. Push Online

Direct traffic to your website to provide potential customers with more in-depth, interactive and informative content, this benefits your business by increasing awareness and encouraging sales, you could even use a QR Code on your print materials.

8. Honesty Pays

Don’t give a false impression in order to make one quick sale, accurately portray what is on offer. Word of mouth accounts for a large percentage of business and your aim is to create a relationship with your client-base to encourage repeat business, not one-off customers who are left with a bad taste in their mouths after working with you.

9. Proof Read. Then Proof Read Again.

Ask a couple of people to check over the leaflet thoroughly before it goes to print; mistakes are costly and wasteful and it is not your printer’s responsibility to notice these errors, they will likely check over the item too before printing, but in this case the buck stops with you.

10. Speak to the Experts

Expert graphic designers and printers can offer you advice and guidance on the best way to promote your business with leaflets and print promotional material.

*Blog originally written by Inspired Business Solutions for ballyprint.com. Image courtesy of ballyprint.com.

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